Bulk LPG

High quality Bulk LPG gas ideal for industrial and commercial consumers spanning from plastic manufacturing, steel shaping, glass making, hospitals, hotels, aerosols manufacturing, just to name a few. We have the capacity to fulfil your LPG gas requirements.

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LPG Applications

  • Aerosols

    In Aerosol manufacturing, LPG gas is used as a propellant for the aerosols.

  • Hotels

    LPG is the preferred mode for cooking in hotels. It is also used in steam generation which is utilised in laundry and in water heating.

  • Hospitals

    LPG gas is the cost effective solution used in hospitals for cooking. It is also employed in heating and steam generation especially for laundry.

  • Glass Making

    In glass making, LPG gas is used to melt the glass to aid in moulding it to the desired shape. Again the ease of regulating LPG gas plays a big role in the process.

  • Steel Shaping

    LPG is used to attain the heat range required to aid in steel shaping. LPG offers an easy to regulate solution for the steel manufacturing furnaces.

  • Plastic Manufacturing

    LPG is a safe and cost effective solution for heating the mould in Plastic manufacturing plants. The ease of regulating LPG gas adds a lot of value to the entire process.

Expert LPG Solutions

Our technical experts are looking forward to discussing with you the best bespoke solutions available for your business needs.

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